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Our online trading tools provide you with analytical tools and charts, latest updates, insights, well-researched analyses and market intelligence customised to your needs to help you trade smarter.

Market Insight (Available on M2u Online Stocks, Powerbroking & Maybank Investment Bank's Android trading app)

The Market Insight tool provides constant updates which you can access anytime from anywhere; alerting you to changes in market conditions, providing professional advice and exclusive market research on Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong listed equities. Market Insight assembles the best of our daily thinking from our team of dedicated retail research analysts, presented to you in bite-sized and easily digestible format, specially tailored for retail investors. It is a convenient and central point of access to Maybank Kim Eng proprietary research and market intelligence, with stock recommendations which are categorised into 3 convenient groups – Growth, Yield and Value – to cater to different risk appetites.

Key features:

Consensus Recommendation - Aggregated recommendation on "Buy", "Sell" and "Hold" from other brokers.

Stock Portfolio - We offer selected stock picks based on investment styles to meet core investment objectives.

Stock Call - View Maybank's call and target price on stocks and comapre with the latest insights from specialists who cover the markets from the trading floor.

RECOGNIA Value Analyzer and Technical Insight (Available on M2u Online Stocks and Powerbroking)

Comprehensively evaluate the many investment choices out there so you can pick good prospects confidently identify the best trading opportunities. These tools will help you fimd value stocks, anticipate fluctuations in the market and generate trading ideas, while guiding you in creating your own investment strategies.

Value Analyzer

  • Evaluate investment opportunities by identifying undervaalued stocks
  • Access daily updated lists of pre-screened investment ideas
  • 'Value Screener' lets you filter and view only stocks that fit your requirements

Technical Insight

  • 'Featured Technical Events' allows trade ideas exploration at a glance
  • Filter stocks based on your criteria
  • Email alert lets you access the market even when you're not online
NextVIEW Real Time Interactive Charts (Available on M2u Online Stocks and Powerbroking)

Customise market data to your trading style to save time.

  • The NextVIEW platform will help you trade smarter by letting you focus on the investments you want to follow.
  • Access Malaysia Capital data for up to 15 years historically, so you can predict how the stocks will continue to perform.
  • Analytical and Chart drawing tools lets you customise the displays to receive the data from industries you're interested in. (NextVIEW chart display are end-of-day charts)
  • NextVIEW can be accessed using a Windows IE browser, providing better access to data.
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