29  July 2013
Maybank Investment Bank’s Purchase of AirAsia X Shares In Line With Price Stabilisation Mechanism Prescribed By Securities Commission

Kuala Lumpur, 29 July 2013 – Maybank Investment Bank’s (“Maybank IB”) purchase of AirAsia X shares is in line with the price stabilisation mechanism introduced by the Securities Commission in 2008.

The price stabilisation mechanism aims to enhance confidence in the market for new issues of shares and to facilitate fund raising activities by ensuring that the demand for shares in an IPO can be met in an efficient manner and that price volatility during the period immediately after listing can be minimised.

As disclosed in the AirAsia X IPO prospectus, as the stabilising manager, Maybank IB can purchase up to 118.5 million shares in AirAsia X within the first 30 days from listing. This is as a result of an over-allotment option granted by Orix Airline Holdings Limited and Manara Malaysia I Limited to Maybank IB as the stabilising manager. The stabilising action undertaken by Maybank IB to date has been disclosed fully via Bursa Malaysia and any shares purchased in the open market by Maybank IB will be returned to Orix Airline Holdings Limited and Manara Malaysia I Limited pursuant to the share lending agreement between Maybank IB and Orix Airline Holdings Limited and Manara Malaysia I Limited.

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