27  March 2014
Maybank Investment Bank Unveils First-In-Market Investment Product That Makes Investing Easy And Convenient For All, Regardless Of Investing Exeprience Or Background

Kuala Lumpur, 27 March 2014 - Maybank Investment Bank today launched EzyInvest, a first of its kind investment product that promises to make investing in the stock market simpler and more convenient for those keen on investing; be it savvy investor or novice.

What sets EzyInvest apart from other investment facilities is its low entry cost. Clients need only pay a low brokerage fee to start investing. This low-cost facility puts investment decisions in the hands of the investors themselves, without having to pay high costs to fund managers, by providing a list of pre-selected stocks for the investor to choose from.

John Chong, CEO of Maybank Investment Bank, said that EzyInvest is designed to help investors save by using equities as part of their investment portfolio.

“At Maybank Investment Bank, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to make investing accessible to our clients. We know that many people are of the opinion that investing can be expensive or risky. But we would like people to know that there are less risky options when it comes to the stock market,” said John.

Far from being speculative trading, the pre-selected stocks on the list are ones with solid track records and consistent performance. Investors will be set up with an Automated Buying Instruction where investors decide on the quantity to be purchased either on a monthly or quarterly basis.

“EzyInvest gives investors a way to save their earnings in a disciplined manner and make the most of their finances. It is what we hope will be an investment option that is relatively simple and a more convenient way of investing in the stock market regardless of age, income or experience,” John explained.

More information on EzyInvest is available at maybank2u.com.my/ powerbroking2u.com/ maybank-ib.com. Interested parties can also email equities.helpdesk@maybank-ib.com or call 1300-22-3888.

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