24  July 2014
Maybank Investment Bank Issues 6 New Call Warrants

Kuala Lumpur, 24 July 2014 – Maybank Investment Bank Berhad (“Maybank Investment Bank”) is issuing six new European style cash-settled call warrants (“CW”) over ordinary shares of Cahya Mata Sarawak Berhad (“CMSB”), Inari Amertron Berhad (“INARI”), Kretam Holdings Berhad (“KRETAM”), My E.G. Services Berhad (“MYEG”), Press Metal Berhad (“PMETAL”) and TA Enterprise Berhad (“TA”). The warrants will be listed on Thursday, 24 July 2014 with an issue size of 100 million each.

This tranche offers sophisticated investors new opportunities to gain exposure to selected counters through Maybank IB. INARI-CB, KRETAM-CA and TA-CB are the first few structured warrants to be listed over those companies. Sophisticated investors who want to gain leveraged exposure from these counters may choose to trade in these new warrants.

KRETAM had disposed of its non-core business, Innosabah Securities Berhad to United Overseas Bank Ltd last year to focus on its core business in oil palm plantations. With a landbank size of 23,000 ha, KRETAM may benefit from an uptick in CPO prices.

INARI has transferred its listing status from the ACE Market to the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia on 3 June 2014. Since the transfer of its listing status from the ACE Market to the Main Market, the share price of INARI has performed well.

The call warrants have the following gearings, CMSB-CI (4.33x), INARI-CB (3.71x), KRETAM-CA (2.58x), MYEG-CD (3.33x), PMETAL-CC (2.90x) and TA-CB (4.11x). The tenure of all six CWs is approximately 12 months.

The terms and conditions of the above call warrants are stated in their respective term sheets and investors should read the term sheets together with the Base Prospectus dated 2 October 2013, the First Supplementary Base Prospectus dated 15 January 2014 and the Second Supplementary Base Prospectus dated 29 April 2014.

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