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The Investment Banking and Advisory (“IB&A”) Pillar comprises 3 main divisions, namely Advisory, Debt Markets and Equity Capital Markets.

The Advisory division comprises Mergers and Acquisitions (“M&A”), Transaction Execution Group  and Strategic Advisory. The Advisory Group provides investment banking and corporate finance services such as origination, structuring and execution of M&A, fund raising, restructuring and privatisation activities.

Strategic Advisory specialises in project financing and policy advisory work, mainly for government and infrastructure entities.

Debt Capital Markets provides comprehensive and holistic Conventional and Islamic financing solutions, including the following:

  • Origination, execution and distribution of Sukuk/ Bond issues and Syndicated Credit Facilities
  • Bilateral and Syndicated financing for Leveraged Financing activities
  • Underwriting of Capital Market Issues and Syndicated Credit Facilities
  • Agency services for Private Debt Securities and Syndicated Credit Facilities

Equity Capital Markets provides equity fund raising solutions and executes equity and equity-lined transactions such as IPOs, Rights Offerings, Share Placements and Offerings of Convertible Securities.

IB&A is also introducing sector specialists who focus on various industry sectors such as agrifood, finance, infrastructure, power utility, energy, metals & mining, real estate, telecommunications and media & technology which have been identified as key sectors where we can provide specialists and value-added solutions.


The Equities Pillar comprises 4 main divisions, namely Retail Equities, Institutional Equities, Futures & Options (“FOS”) and Equity & Commodity Derivatives and Structured Products Group (“ECDG”).

The Retail Equities business offers multi-market, multi-channel stockbroking services to retail investors. This is done via self-directed electronic channels (online trading and mobile trading) and dealer assisted channels (remisiers, company dealers, branches).

Institutional Equities provides equity broking, trade execution and corporate access services to institutional money managers such as mutual funds, pension funds and insurance funds. We are present in ten countries across the globe. Our experienced team has established relationships with both institutional clients and corporate, and also possess deep knowledge of the regional markets.

Futures and Options Services (“FOS”) or more commonly known as Futures Broking is currently available in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Futures Broking offers sales, execution and clearing services to institutional, corporate and retail clients. A wide range of products such as Crude Palm Oil Futures, KLCI Futures and all contracts listed on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (“BMD”), Thailand Futures Exchange (“TFEX”) and Hong Kong Futures Exchange (“HKFE”) is offered by Futures Broking. Online trading is also offered through the Futures2u portal, for contracts listed on BMD.

Equity & Commodity Derivatives and Structured Products Group (“ECDG”) serves as a catalyst for product innovation and as a platform for Maybank to customise products and solutions for our retail, corporate and institutional clients. Highly-technical in nature, this business generates unique risk mitigation techniques to manage its clients’ exposure to both commodity and equity price risk in order for clients to manage their capital and operations in an efficient manner. Both exchange-traded and over-the-counter investment products are created and offered for the purpose of providing exposure for clients to the equity and commodity markets. Some of our popular products are notes, equity-linked investment notes and structured warrants.


Maybank Kim Eng’s research products are perused by both internal clients and external clients. The coverage and unique ideas generated from the Research function add value to our services by providing our clients with opportunities to trade on, and to profit from us. Our idea uniqueness is one of the avenues for not just client retention, but also strengthening of our brand and increasing our client base.

  • Building a productive agency force in Conventional and Takaful insurance
  • Driving Maybank business through product innovation (Savings, Investment & Protection)
  • Building a profitable portfolio for Group and Health insurance
  • Strengthening branches, third party business, direct, enterprise and corporate distribution channels
  • Growing third party assets under management


Our Finance team is working towards expanding our roles beyond traditional accounting to be a strategic business partner to senior management and business pillars. To achieve this aspiration, the regional Finance division has been organised into three key functions, namely Financial Accounting & Tax, Treasury & Capital Management, and Financial Planning & Analysis. The Finance division aims to be innovative and forward-thinking, with emphasis on roles that support business strategy planning and efficient decision-making.


Maybank Group Finance serves as the foundation for virtually all aspects of the business, from traditional financial accounting to advanced financial analytics, converting data into knowledge, and disseminating them to the various stakeholders.


The Compliance function ensures adherence to various regulatory demands (required by local law, regulations and/or the internal policies set by Maybank Kim Eng) across respective jurisdictions, in areas such as managing flow of price-sensitive information, anti-money laundering and incidence reporting.


Maybank Kim Eng faces a number of different legal matters on a regular basis, and the Legal team is responsible for overseeing these matters as well as providing services to the business which include giving legal advice and guidance, litigation management and documentation drafting.


The Risk Management team ensures that the main aspects of risk inherent in the Investment Banking business are fully understood, accurately measured, carefully managed and effectively mitigated. The Risk Management team also aims to close all control gaps identified as well as to put in place systems and policies to manage risk across the region, so as to provide the business with better decision-making information.


The Corporate Secretarial Services (“CoSec”) department plays a strategic role in ensuring that Board members have adequate resources and advice in discharging their fiduciary duties. CoSec also advises on corporate governance issues and on the compliance with various legal and regulatory requirements relating to corporate secretarial matters in countries that we operate in. CoSec’s role include maintaining the Company’s Statutory Registers, managing the Company’s records, ensuring complete and accurate statutory filings and organizing Board and Shareholder Meetings.


The Marketing, Communications and Events (“MCE”) team strives to further increase brand awareness of Maybank Kim Eng regionally by leveraging existing goodwill, as well as ensuring adherence to Maybank Group’s brand guidelines. The MCE team also works with the business to develop and execute marketing campaigns, ensure effective public communications, and organise events to achieve the overall objectives of Maybank Kim Eng.


The Technology Services department plays an integral role in ensuring the smooth running of Maybank Kim Eng. They are key enablers for our regional expansion, via their business-as-usual (“BAU”) support, as well as the ongoing products that enable us to deliver cutting edge products and services to our clients. IT has been a key partner in growing Maybank Kim Eng’s key capabilities such as rolling out the research database system and the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation system, both of which greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the users of these systems in providing services to their internal and external clients.

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