At Maybank Investment Bank, we believe in sharing the fruits of our business with the communities to which we belong. The importance of giving back to society is something that we have subscribed to since our inception and has always been at the core of our identity. We aim to lead by example, raising awareness about corporate philanthropy by rolling out sustainable programmes which best leverage the power of business for the good of others. Over the years, we have lent a helping hand to a range of underserved groups, across all the countries in which we have a presence.

That is how we go about humanising financial services.


Maybank Kim Eng believes that it takes more than economic growth to build a community. For ASEAN to grow, the community needs arts and culture to infuse it with identity, soul and imagination, and to encourage diversity in thinking.

We also believe that the region’s economic integration can only be fully achieved with social integration of its people. The key to ASEAN’s social integration lies in our commonalities derived from our shared history and culture.

That is why the Katakatha initiative was created. A truly ambitious project, we aspire to make KataKatha the platform to explore and enhance the appreciation of ASEAN’s commonalities through arts and culture. Through KataKatha, we also hope to promote the region’s rich arts and culture, with the aim of perpetuating its development while retaining its originality and uniqueness. We believe in investing in the region’s arts and culture.


Education is widely regarded as the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. We are dedicated to making education accessible and attractive to those who need it most.

We regard quality education as the cornerstone of our communities. Maybank Investment Bank is dedicated to improving the environment in schools, to make learning more interesting and conducive for children.

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