Do you keep looking over your shoulder after withdrawing cash from the ATM? Is your handbag or wallet too heavy with coins, forcing you to walk or sit down in a funny way? If these symptoms seem familiar, you may have a condition called CashKarat.

Using cash can slow you down.
That's why #CashIsOldSkool.

Cashkarat is a condition that affects people with too much physical cash. In worst cases, you could even get an eye infection or diarrhea from handling dirty money. So why bother when can go cash-free?

Don't be so karat, because #CashIsOldSkool

How to prevent Cashkarat. Live cash-free!

Fortunately, there's a cure and prevention is easy. Just go cash-free with Maybank. You even get to enjoy extra privileges. Here's how:

And when you go cash-free, the privileges keep coming.

  • 20% off at F&B outlets
  • 10% off at concession counters
  • Exclusive discounts at selected retail outlets, events and more!

Don't be alarmed. Cashkarat isn't real. But don't forget to live cash-free.

Learn how to prevent the symptoms here


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