Maybank and Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) today signed an agreement to enable the public to settle their monthly electricity bills via Mastercard and Visa credit cards through a "Recurring Payment Facility". Maybank is the first bank to offer this service to TNB customers.

The agreement was signed by Encik Abdul Aziz Peru Mohamed, General Manager of Consumer Banking Division, Maybank and Datuk Ir. Md Sidek Ahmad, Managing Director of TNB Distribution Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of TNB.

Speaking at the ceremony, Encik Abdul Aziz Peru said that the agreement marks another progressive step taken by TNB and Maybank to enhance the level of services offered particularly to customers of TNB and Maybank/Mayban Finance Mastercard and Visa credit card holders.

The Recurring Payment System (RPS), or commonly known as TNB Autopay programme, is for all customers of TNB who wish to settle their electricity bills not exceeding RM1,000 per account using their credit cards. It is open to all Maybank and Mayban Finance credit cardholders as well as credit card holders of other financial institutions.

"As the acquiring bank, Maybank will process the electricity bills of our customers who sign up with this programme and automatically debit the amount of their monthly bills into their credit card accounts," said Encik Aziz.

"Maybank will only process and debit the amount due to the respective credit card account upon receiving instruction from TNB. For non-Maybank cardholders, the debiting will only be effected when approval is received from the cardholders' respective issuing banks," explained Encik Aziz.

Datuk Ir. Md Sidek Ahmad in his speech said that the innovative use of technology in the banking and utility industries has contributed to excellence in customer service.

"TNB has always emphasised on providing convenience to customers and we will be willing to work together with banks in Malaysia to provide more electronic delivery channels for the benefit of both parties," he said.

To enrol for the TNB Autopay programme, TNB customers must complete the official enrolment form provided. The forms can be obtained from advertisements in newspapers, Kedai Tenaga and TNB's website at , Maybank counters as well as from direct marketing mails sent with credit card statements. Completed forms have to be submitted to the nearest Kedai Tenaga or faxed to 03-79600336 or mailed to Program TNB Autopay, Jabatan Kewangan, TNB Distribution Sdn Bhd, Tingkat 15, Wisma TNB, No 19 Jalan Timur, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Once enrolled, the amount due to TNB will be automatically charged in full to the customers' credit card accounts when the billing date is due.

The service is free of charge. There is no fee chargeable to the cardholders for the Autopay facility except the normal finance and/or late charges that may be applicable to other charges that are made using credit cards.

The Autopay facility is the latest convenience for both TNB and credit cards holders including Maybank/Mayban Finance customers as an additional alternative of payment. Currently, Maybank/Mayban Finance customers can settle their electricity bills using their credit cards at Kedai Tenaga counters as well as through the Internet ( and Kawanku Phone Banking.

Enquiries on this new service can be made by contacting TNB Call Management Centre at 1-5454 or Maybank Credit Card Centre at 03-2387878.

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