Online Instant Mobile Prepaid Top-Up

Mobile Prepaid top up for Hotlink, Xpax and Tune Talk through Maybank2u is now instant. The top up amount will be directly credited into your mobile phone. You will not receive a PIN to key in and reload.


  • Top up instantly to your mobile phone
  • Top up your own, family and friends' mobile numbers
  • Receive SMS confirmation upon successful top up
  • View transaction details saved in your Maybank2u History for reference

How it works

Here are the steps to top up your prepaid:

  1. Login to Maybank2u and select Buy Online.
  2. Select Instant prepaid top up.
  3. Select Prepaid Type. 
  4. Select the amount to top up.
  5. Type your own or 3rd party mobile number if you are topping up for family and friends.
  6. Request for TAC.
  7. Check the mobile number is correct before you confirm the payment.
    Important! Please check your recipient's mobile number is correct before confirming payment. Successful top up to any valid mobile number is non-refundable.
  8. The recipient will receive an sms confirming successful top up and the amount.
    To make a top up enquiry, type Enq (space) recipient mobile no. and send to 33628. (RM 0.30 charge per sms)

Favourite Instant Prepaid Top Up Number 

It's now that much easier to register a mobile number as a favourite! You can now register the frequent topped up mobile number(s) into your favourite list. By registering the favourite mobile numbers, you can select the mobile number instead of entering the same number each time you perform a prepaid top up. It’s that simple and quick!

The quick registration option will be made available to the following prepaid services:

  • Celcom Xpax
  • Maxis Hotlink
  • Tune Talk

Just follow the instructions below to register your favourite instant prepaid top up number:

  1. Click on ‘Add Instant Prepaid Top Up Number’ under Manage My Favourite Payees.
  2. Select the prepaid service.
  3. Enter the mobile number and name of recipient to register the mobile number as a favourite.
  4. Request TAC and enter the TAC.
  5. Click ‘Confirm’ and the mobile number will be immediately added in your favourite list*

Note: *You can have a maximum of 40 favourite mobile numbers in your favourite list.

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