Conventional Deposit

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Islamic Deposit

Product NameProduct CodeDeposit TypeShariah Contract(s)
Current Account-i
Demand DepositWadiah
Basic Current Account-i0354IR0100100002Demand DepositWadiah
Foreign Currency Account-i0354IF0100100001Demand DepositWadiah
Master Foreign Currency Account-i0354IF0100100002Demand DepositWadiah
Savings Account-i0354IR0200100002Savings DepositWadiah
Basic Savings Account-i0354IR0200100003Savings DepositWadiah
Personal Savers-i
0354IR0200100006Savings DepositWadiah
Flexi Savers-i0354IR0200100009Savings DepositWadiah
Yippie-i0354IR0200100008Savings DepositWadiah
imteen-i0354IR0200100010Savings DepositWadiah
Premier Wadiah Account-i for
Minor & In-Trust
0354IR0200100007Savings DepositWadiah
Maybank2u Savers-i0354IR0200100011Savings DepositWadiah
Maybank2u Coin Box
0354IR0200100012Savings DepositWadiah
Islamic Fixed Deposit-i / Fixed Rate Term Deposit-i / eFDI-i0354IR0600300002
Commodity MurabahahMurabahah
Prosperous Now! Account-i / Murabahah Deposit Account-i / eMDA-i0354IR0600300001Commodity MurabahahMurabahah

Note: All Islamic products are transacted in RM except for Foreign Currency Account-i and Master Foreign Currency Account-i.


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