Prepaid mobile reloads for Maxis Hotlink, Celcom X-pax, Digi, i-Talk and UMobile

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We know it means a lot to stay in touch with your family and friends via your mobile phone. With more than 2,800 Maybank ATMs and our, you can now purchase your prepaid mobile top up code rightaway.

Who's it for?

  • Maybankard Bankcard (ATM) cardholders
  • Maybank Visa and MasterCard Cardholders

How to purchase prepaid top up code via Kawanku ATM?

  1. Insert your card into the ATM and key in your PIN.

  2. Select 'Other transaction'.

  3. Select 'Prepaid Payment'.

  4. Select 'Mobile Prepaid'.

  5. Select type of prepaid.

    • Maxis Hotlink

    • Celcom X-pax

    • Digi Prepaid

    • i-Talk

    • UMobile

  6. Select i-Talk Prepaid (for iTalk card).

  7. Select top up code denomination.

  8. Select your account type to make payment from.

  9. Upon successful transaction, an ATM receipt/transaction slip will be generated and imprinted with the top up code.

What is the daily limit to purchase prepaid top up codes via Kawanku ATM?

  1. The limit is set at RM500 per day and limit applies to all prepaid services available at Maybank.

  2. System will do a checking and if total purchase of prepaid value is above RM500, system will reject the transaction.

  3. The error message,"TRANSACTION SELECTED IS NOT ALLOWED" will be displayed when transaction is rejected due to the limit.

  4. The limit is set on per day basis. You will be able to purchase again the following day.


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