Some Do's and Don'ts

Now that you've received a cheque, how do you deposit it so that it's processed speedily? All it takes is some diligence and good habits. Just follow these sensible steps.


  • Write clearly and legibly on the cheque deposit slip
  • Write the full set of account numbers on the cheque deposit slip:
    • Bank account number: 12 digits
    • Amex credit card account: 15 digits
    • Visa/MasterCard credit card account:16 digits
  • Write the full name of the account holder on the cheque deposit slip
  • Add up the total amount of the cheques if you are depositing more than one cheque
  • Write the credit card numbers and the respective amounts to be settled separately, when one cheque is deposited to settle payment for more than one credit card
  • Deposit a cheque issued to joint payees into the joint banking account of the same names
  • Write complete details of the transaction description and reference number, if any


  • Do not write the ATM card number, savings passbook number or IC number as the account number on the cheque deposit slip
  • Do not deposit post-dated cheques
  • Do not deposit a cheque where the payee's name is written as 'CASH' when the cheque is crossed 'Account Payee'
  • Do not deposit third-party cheques where the payee's name on the cheque differs from the registered name of the banking account
  • Do not deposit a cheque payable to a company into a banking account registered in a personal name
  • Do not deposit a cheque with an incomplete payee name, for e.g. if the payee's name on the cheque is written as Kee Tat, this cheque should not be deposited into the banking account called Kee Tat Enterprise
  • Do not deposit a cheque with the date, amount in words/figures or signature is missing
  • Do not deposit a cheque that has been altered

Now that I've deposited my cheque, when will my account be updated?

If your house cheque is deposited at the counter in the morning before the cheque clearing cut-off time (the exact time varies from branch to branch), your account will be updated that same evening. You can make use of the funds on the next working day to fund cheques issued by you, provided the cheque deposited is not returned.

For ATM withdrawals or personal cheque encashment over the counter, funds will be available on the day after the second working day.

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