Takaful PA Plus

  1. How comprehensive is the Medical Benefit of this plan?

    If an accident occurs, you will receive up to RM100 for outpatient cash benefit at a registered clinic or hospital. If your injury is caused by a snatch thief, you will receive a lump sum cash of RM150 (with police report). If you're hospitalised, you will receive up to RM100 a day for 100 days. If surgery is needed, you will receive another benefit of up to RM1,000. On top of that, the ambulance fee of up to RM200 is payable.

  2. Does the premium increase as I get older?

    No. Your premium remains unchanged as long as your policy is in force.

  3. What if I have other insurance?

    All benefits are paid even if you have any other insurance plans elsewhere.

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