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A supplementary medical coverage that can be attached to selected Maybank Ordinary Life insurance plans.

Why do I need MediRider?
Medical costs are high and with their rates increasing annually at 15%*, MediRider can give you a peace of mind by providing supplementary medical coverage making your recovery a lot more comfortable.

What do I get out of it?
Enjoy extensive medical protection and high coverage benefits with affordable premiums.

*The Star, 27 May 2007

Medical CardMedical card for hassle-free admission to panel hospitals.
Guaranteed renewableGuaranteed renewable up to age 75.
Extensive coverage upExtensive coverage up to RM100,000 annual and RM300,000 lifetime limit.

Other Benefits
In-patient hospitalisation and surgical benefits.

Emergency out-patient treatment benefits.

24-hour emergency assistance.

Affordable premium rates on excellent benefits.

Choice of extension of coverage: Opt for MediRider Plus for extra benefits during hospitalisation to access better treatment facilities or have the privacy of your own room.

Flexible and convenient payment: via auto debit of monthly/quarterly/semi-annual or annual premiums from your Maybank Current/Savings account or Credit Card.

You can apply for MediRider if you are:

A Malaysian citizen/Permanent resident aged between 30 days old to 59 years old next birthday (maximum expiry age is 75 years old next birthday).
A holder of selected Maybank Ordinary Life plans.

You can enjoy benefits such as the following:

In-Patient benefits (Hospital Room & Board) – up to RM450 daily (max 120 days per year)

As charged (subject to Annual and Overall Limit and Co-Payment), on costs of:

Intensive Care Unit
Hospital Supplies and Services
Surgical Fees
In-Patient Physician's Daily Visit
Pre-hospitalisation Diagnostic Test
Post Hospitalisation Treatment
Emergency Accident Out-Patient Treatment
Emergency Accident Dental Treatment
Medical Report Fees
Day Surgery

Up to RM200 as Ambulance Fees
Up to RM20,000 for Accidental Death Benefit

For table of MediRider plans, benefits, premiums and terms, please download eBrochure

MediRider Plus is allowed only upon attachment of MediRider to the Ordinary Life basic plan. The selected plan for both MediRider and MediRider Plus must be the same.

E.g.: MediRider Plus 100 can only be taken up with MediRider 100, MediRider Plus 200 only can be taken up with MediRider 200 and so on.

You will receive a medical card for hassle-free admission. "As charged" is based on reasonable and customary charges, subject to co-insurance, annual limit and lifetime limit.

Co-insurance is the sharing of medical charges. For MediRider, co-insurance is 10%, which is among the lowest available in the market. This means that you only pay for 10% of your medical bills and the remaining 90% will be covered by the insurance company.

Eg: Eligible medical expenses: RM8,000
Paid by Insurance Company (RM8,000 x 90%): RM7,200
Paid by you (RM8,000 x 10%) : RM800

If you have purchased MediRider Plus, you can make further claims. The additional coverage under MediRider Plus are also subjected to the 10% co-insurance.


If you choose to be hospitalised at a Room & Board rate higher than your eligible benefit, co-payment requires you to pay only 20% of your medical bills. Co-insurance is also applicable to the remaining 80% of the outstanding medical bills. In total, you pay 28% of your medical bills.

If you have taken up MediRider 100 but you choose to upgrade to Room & Board expenses of RM300, co-payment is applicable.

Eg: Eligible medical expenses: RM8,000
Paid by Insurance Company (RM8,000 x 80%): RM6,400
Paid by you (RM8,000 x 20%): RM1,600
Co-insurance is applicable on the remaining 80% of the outstanding bill
Outstanding BillRM6,400
Paid by Insurance Company (RM6,400 x 90%) RM5,760
Paid by you (RM6,400 x 10%)RM640
So, total paid by you if you go to a higher Room & Board is:
Co-insurance RM640

I want to supplement my insurance with medical coverage. Get someone to call me with more information on MediRider.

This web page is neither a contract of insurance nor forming part of it. The precise benefits, terms and conditions and other details are available in the Policy Contract.
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