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Premier Education Savers
Premier EducationSavers
A life time plan that provides coverage up to age 100 while building your child's education fund through strategic allocation of your investments.

Why do I need Premier EducationSavers?
As a parent, you only want the very best for your child. But with the annual inflation rate of 6%*, will you be able to save for your child’s education?

Premier EducationSavers will not only save for their future but also maximise the value of your funds through strategic allocation of your investments. Start saving in our wide range of funds for higher returns that will add greater value to your child’s education fund.

What do I get out of it?
This plan allows you to decide on the protection/investment mix to balance your needs and at the same time protects your child in case something unfortunate happens to you.

*The Star, 27 May 2007

Whole Life Investment-Linked planA Whole Life Investment-Linked plan which allows you to choose to invest in a wide range of funds.
High allocaiotn rateHigh allocation rate beginning at 70% of your premiums, allowing you to earn more through your investments. This means that less of your premiums will go into administration expenses and commissions.
Payable in one lump sumAccumulated value in your fund is payable in one lump sum on policy anniversary upon your child reaching the age of 25.

Other Benefits
Protection: You or your child will be insured for Death and Total and Permanent Disability. You can choose your protection benefits from as low as 55 times to a maximum of 100 times your annual premium.

Additional riders: can be added on for a more comprehensive plan.

Convenient autodebit of premiums from your Maybank Current/Savings account.

Flexible payment options: annually, bi-annually, quarterly or monthly.

Lifetime investment option: upon reaching 25 years of age, your child can opt to take over the policy ownership and continue saving (plan expires at age 100).

Strategise for more value: You can opt to switch within Individual Funds or Managed Funds to create more value or convert between Individual or Managed Funds if you desire.

You can apply for Premier Education Savers if you are:

  • A Malaysian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • An adult between 18 to 60 years of age
  • Child to be between age of 1 and 17 years old

We offer the most competitive allocation rates for the investments and protection in the first and second policy year.

Policy yearAllocation Rate
Year 170%
Year 285%
Year 3100%

You are empowered to select from our wide range of funds. You can choose from our Managed Funds or Individual Funds depending on the market conditions and your personal needs.

Below are the funds you can choose from:

Managed FundsIndividual Funds
Stable FundPremier Income Fund
Balanced FundPremier Index Fund
Premier Equity FundPremier Equity Fund
 Dana Pendapatan Prima
 Dana Ekuiti Prima

We understand your need for a better coverage. Here are a few add-ons you can choose from to attach to this policy for a more comprehensive plan:

Waiver of Premium Rider (WP)
WP waives your commitment to pay all future premium contributions, up to your child's 25th birthday, in the event of untimely Death or TPD.

Critical Illnesses Rider (CI)
CI protects you against 36 different critical illnesses. In the event that you are diagnosed with any of the covered illnesses, an additional lump sum is payable to help ease any exorbitant medical bills.

Note: All riders are subject to terms & conditions.

For more information on this plan or other plans you can add, download an eBrochure now!

I want the best for my child’s education. Get someone to call me with more information on Premier EducationSavers.

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