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Our comprehensive travel Insurance plan, Lifestyle Travel Care, acts as a safety net should any unfortunate events happen while you travel. Whether you’re an individual traveller or travelling with family, Lifestyle Travel Care offers you worldwide coverage with 4 plans and a variation of benefits.

Travelling can be an exciting and memorable experience. Whether you’re a regular holidaymaker, on an important business trip, taking the trip of a lifetime or just hoping to get away from it all for a long weekend, travelling can bring many opportunities your way. However, travelling brings with it potential risks such as accidents, trip cancellations, medical emergencies or loss of baggage. Such mishaps can unexpectedly ruin your trip–and your finances too!

That is why it is essential that you set off on your journey prepared for every possibility.


Anytime, Anywhere
Wherever you may be, at any time of the day, our 24-Hour Travel and Medical Assistance Helpline is only a phone call away.


Comprehensive Coverage
Lifestyle Travel Care lets you opt for further protection for your spouse and children.


Medical Coverage
Enjoy benefits that attend to your various medical needs such as hospitalisation, treatment expenses, and compassionate care benefit. The coverage is up to RM1,000,000.


Trip Inconveniences
You need not worry about travel mishaps, as Lifestyle Travel Care compensates expenses incurred from inconveniences such as trip cancellation, curtailment and travel delay.


Loss or Delay of Baggage
If your baggage ends up somewhere else instead of at your destination, you will be compensated for your troubles.


Loss of Travel Documents
Continue to enjoy your travels even when you lose your documents as Lifestyle Travel Care will take care of your misadventures. This benefit includes coverage for loss of visa, passports and travel tickets.


Accidental Death and Permanent Disability
Upon Accidental Death or Permanent Disability, coverage of up to RM500,000 per adult and RM1,500,000 for family shall be payable.


We provide coverage for bodily injuries, Death and Permanent Disability sustained and losses or damage (for applicable benefits) as a result of an act of terrorism where the Insured Person has no direct participation in the act.

Insured person must be between 18 to 70 years old, senior citizen must be between 71 to 80 years old and children must be minimum 45 days old and below 23 years old, if still studying.

For more details, download the Lifestyle Travel Care brochure now!

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