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Smart Life Vantage

Smart Life Vantage
This is a limited pay whole life insurance protection which offers natural and accidental death benefits until the policy anniversary before the 80th birthday of the life insured.

It does not require any medical examinations or tests, making it perfect for applicants between 39 to 65 years old, who are either at their prime years or nearing retiring age.

As much as life is filled with happy reasons to celebrate, it can also pull many unpleasant surprises off its sleeves that could shake your family’s financial stability.

Do not let any natural or accidental deaths stand between you and your family’s future. Leave a legacy for your loved ones. Smart Life Vantage offers benefits to take care of their needs in the event of your unexpected passing.

With Smart Life Vantage, you and your dependents can worry less and enjoy life with these benefits:

No medical examinations required
You are accepted for Smart Life Vantage regardless of your health

Full refund of your premiums at maturity
Full refund at maturity provided that no claim has been made throughout the policy term

Maximum premium payment term of 20 years
Full benefits until the policy anniversary before your 80th birthday

Accidental death whilst travelling on public transport
Maximum RM600,0001 (3 times the Sum Insured)

Accidental death (except whilst travelling on public transport)
Maximum RM400,0001 (2 times the Sum Insured)

Natural death
Maximum RM200,0001

1Sum Insured of RM200,000 (Per Plan 6)

Applicants who are at least 39 years old and less than 65 years old for Plans 1 to 5, or less than 55 years old for Plan 6.

Only applicable to Malaysian citizens residing in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei or Malaysian permanent residents residing in Malaysia.

For more details, download the Smart Life Vantage brochure now!
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