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Privilege PA
Privilege PA
A comprehensive personal accident plan offering higher permanent disablement benefits including disability income and recovery benefits.

Why do I need Privilege PA?
Accidents happen at an alarming rate of 19 every hour*, so take no chances. Privilege PA will make that sure that you and your family will be taken care of.

What do I get out of it?
You can enjoy accident coverage up to RM400,000 and premiums start from as low as RM42.29 a month.

*UNESCAP & UNICEF Malaysia Report 2007, World Health Organisation 2007

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Immediate coverageImmediate coverage.
Coverage for an unlimited number of childrenCoverage for an unlimited number of children under family scheme.
24-hours worldwide coverage24-hour worldwide coverage.

Other Benefits
No medical examination required.

Guaranteed renewal up to 70 as long as your premiums are paid.

Double indemnity as well as compassionate cash to family members in the event of accidental death.

Snatch theft injury coverage.

Great savings:
Up to 50% off when you apply for Myself & Family scheme.
Up to 20% off for Myself & Spouse scheme.
Up to 12% off when you choose to pay yearly payment mode.

More accepted occupations compared to other plans.

Convenient auto-debit of premium from your Maybank Current/Savings account or Credit Card according to your choice of premium mode, either monthly or yearly.

Automatic credit of claims and premium refunds into your Maybank
Current/Savings as authorised by you.

Flexible payment options: pay your premiums monthly or annually.

Guaranteed premium rates: your premiums will never increase with your age.

30-day money back guarantee should you be dissatisfied with your policy; no questions asked.

You can apply for Privilege PA if you are:

A resident of Malaysia, Singapore or Brunei.
Aged between 18 to 60 years

For Myself and Family Scheme:

Unmarried children aged 1 month to 18 years who are unemployed
Unmarried children aged 18 to 25 who are unemployed and still studying full-time at a higher learning institution

Enjoy comprehensive coverage up to:

RM400,000 for Maximum Benefit Payable for Total Paralysis
RM300,000 for Total Paralysis
RM80,000 as Disability Income
RM20,000 for Recovery Benefit
RM300,000 for Accidental Death benefits
RM6,000 for Compassionate Cash
RM4,500 for Medical Expenses Reimbursement
RM200 per day Hospital Cash benefit
RM500 Ambulance Fee

For full table of benefits, download an eBrochure now!

Choose from 3 schemes to cover yourself and your loved ones:

Monthly (RM)Yearly (RM)
Myself and spouse67.84716.56
Myself and family89.04937.04

I want to be comprehensively covered for the future. Get someone to call me with more information on Privilege PA.

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