With our security standards and your vigilance we are committed to ensuring that all Maybank2u transactions are secure, safe and confidentialOk, tell me more
Staying safe online

If you have queries about any e-mail from Maybank or are suspicious that someone may be trying to get your PIN or account information under false pretence, contact our Customer Care hotline at 1-300-88-6688 or 603-7844 3696 (overseas) immediately.

We are committed to ensuring that all transactions performed are secure, safe and confidential – enforced through our privacy protection control systems.

10 easy ways to protect yourself

Be careful when you bank online. There have been cases of copycat web sites posing as authentic web sites, or e-mail/phone calls asking you to provide personal or account-related information.

  1. Do not share your password with friends, relatives or anyone. Your password and PIN are designed to protect the privacy of your banking information. Keep them private.
  2. Change your password frequently. If you think your password has been compromised, contact us to reset your password.
  3. Don't use the "remember password" function because this information can be easily accessed by hackers.
  4. Do not send any information about your account via e-mail.
  5. Do not provide your account details or passwords in response to an e-mail or by phone. A bank officer will never ask for this information.
  6. Don't open suspicious e-mail attachments.
  7. Avoid downloading free programmes. These may incorporate hacker-friendly software.
  8. Always log out of Maybank2u.com immediately after completing transactions.
  9. Clear your cache (information stored in your computer memory) each time you log out.
  10. When using the Internet Banking Kiosk, logout and return to the Home Page before leaving.
About your Username and Password

To prevent unauthorised access of our online financial services, every customer is required to select a username and a password.

The username must be between 6 to 16 characters and the password between 8 to 12 characters which must include both alphabets and numbers. Both the username and password are case sensitive and may also include special characters such as & * $. Though please note – NO spaces.

About information protection

It's important to remember that while we take considerable effort to ensure a safe and secure online experience, we have no control over the computer you use to access Maybank2u.

You must ensure you do not provide anyone the opportunity to gain access to your account information:

  • Ensure no one has access to your computer or records your online activities.
  • Always log out of Maybank2u.com immediately after completing transactions.
  • Do not send any information about your account via e-mail.
  • Disable the AutoComplete function on your browser to avoid automatic completion of your ID when you type in User ID.

If no activity is detected after a preset time limit you will be automatically logged out, you can just log back in again to continue.

About your personal information

Maybank2u collects personal information that you voluntarily provide on this Web site, which may include your name, address, e-mail address, marital status, salary range, number(s) of children, etc.

We use this information to communicate with you and to provide you with your requested service or product. If you provide your consent at the time your personal information is collected via this Web site, we may also provide you with information, special offers, and promotions. We may store some or all of that personal information and use it for marketing research and marketing purposes.

We maintain your data for as long as you are a customer of the Maybank Group. Personal information shall be retained by the Bank in accordance with the current law and regulatory requirements.

About computer virus protection

Make sure your computer has an effective anti-virus protection programme, we recommend that you purchase a programme that automatically upgrades your virus protection on a recurring basis.

If you currently have a virus protection programme on your computer without the automatic upgrade feature, make sure you update your virus detection programme at least monthly and/or when you hear of a new virus. You can do this by visiting the Internet site of the company that provides your software.

We advise you not to open attachments from others unless you are absolutely certain you can trust the source – it’s best to be cautious. Whoever sent you that attachment may not know that they have carried the virus to you.

About updating your browser

An Internet browser allows access and the ability to navigate a myriad of information and service resources on the Internet. Most computers come with a browser already installed.

If you use Internet Explorer, update it to the latest version.

Always update your browser when new versions are released because they often include new security features.

Check your browser for built-in safety features that you may or may not elect to use.

Access the latest security patches here.

Always check the site certificate before login.

About data confidentiality and data integrity

To ensure data confidentiality and integrity, all information transmitted over the Internet is encrypted using the 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol from Verisign Certificate Authority. SSL is a secure way of transferring information between two computers on the Internet using encryption. Strong end to end encryption is also adopted within the bank's computer networks and resources.

Maybank2u is WebTrust certified. This certifies our compliance with leading international security standards and Best Practices, as well as our commitment to maintaining a secure environment. WebTrust is an independent corporation that monitors and tests our facilities to assure that we maintain the highest and most current standards in Internet information security and exchange.

About systems security and monitoring measures

Maybank has adopted a combination of the following systems security and monitoring measures for online transactions:

  • Firewall systems, strong data encryption, anti-virus protection and round-the-clock security surveillance systems to detect and prevent any form of illegitimate activities on our systems.
  • Regular security reviews of our systems by our internal System Auditor as well as external security experts.
  • When you have a broadband connected to the Internet (always-on connection), consider installing a personal firewall.

We also take every effort in ensuring collaboration with major vendors/manufacturers to keep abreast of information security technology developments, for possible and future implementation.