Fees and charges related to your Maybank savings, current and fixed deposit accounts.
Mortgage Loans / Financing
Stamp Duties As per the Stamp Duty Act 1949 (Revised 1989)
- Letter of Offer (RM10.00)
- Principal Document* (RM5.00 for every RM1,000)
- Security Document (RM10.00)
- Standing Instruction (RM10.00)

*20% stamp duty reduction for Principal Documents based on Shariah principles or waiver of stamp duty for the conversion of conventional loan to Shariah Financing.

Legal & Disbursement Fees Include solicitor fees for loan/financing documentation, registration of charge, land search, bankruptcy search and etc.
Processing Fee/Set-up fee(applicable for Conventional FlexiOD only) Processing fees RM50 to RM200 depending on loan/financing amount. Set-up fees RM200. (applicable for Conventional FlexiOD only)
Letter for EPF Withdrawal RM 10 per request
Monthly Maintenance Fee* RM 5.00 (applicable for Conventional MaxiHome/MaxiShop FlexiOD only)
Commitment Fee Commitment Fee of 1% is to be levied on unutilized portion of Overdraft facilities granted to the following:-
- Individual, when the Overdraft limit is in excess of RM250,000.
Companies irrespective of Overdraft limit.

Note: Not applicable for Term Loan and Islamic Facility

Late Payment Charges(Applicable for Islamic Facility only) Overdue Instalment or Scheduled Payment/Ansuran Tertunggak atau Bayaran Berjadual: 1% p.a. on the installment amount in arrears from the date of the first drawdown of the Facility until its Maturity Date
Upon Maturity Date of the Facility or upon judgment, whichever is earlier/Tamat tempoh kemudahan atau apabila mendapat perintah, yang mana dahulu : Prevailing daily overnight Islamic Interbank Money Market (IIMM) rate on the outstanding balance due and payable.

Note: The Late Payment Charges charged shall not be further compounded

Note: The Bank will notify from time to time, for any change

Car Loans / Financing

List of hire purchase fees for purchase of new and reconditioned vehicles, used vehicles and after sales support services

New and reconditioned vehicles

Revised Standard Direct Cost RM
Photocopy charges 10
Photography cost (for new reconditioned vehicles) 10
Stamp Duty - without guarantor 20
Stamp Duty - with guarantor 60
e-Hakmilik charges 3


Used vehicles

Revised Standard Direct Cost RM
Photocopy charges 10
Settlement with another finance company 30
Inter-branch inspection (if required) 50 per inspection
Transport charges for inspection of vehicle conducted away from branch 10 per inspection
Photography cost 10
Stamp Duty - without guarantor 20
Stamp Duty - with guarantor 60
e-Hakmilik charges 3


After Sales Support Services

Service RM
Retrieval Document
- Within branch -
- From Offsite storage

Issuance Letter of Consent to JPJ on the change of vehicle engine 50 per letter
Issuance of Letter to JPJ on interchange of registration number 50 per letter
Photocopy of registration card 10 per letter
Photocopy of Hire Purchase Agreement 10 per letter
Renewal of Road tax 10 per renewal
Issuance of 2 letter to Customs (at Port) and 1 letter to JPJ for transfer of vehicle / equipment to East Malaysia or vice versa as requested by Hirer 20 per transfer


Chargeback Expenses For Recovery Activities

Starting June 9, 2008 we will be charging the following cost incurred for recovery activities:-

  1. Mileage claim for site visit to trace the vehicle financed,
  2. Cost incurred in taking possession of the goods,
  3. Parking and toll charges

The charging of the cost will be done based on the radius :-

Radius (KM) Charges (RM)
Within 10 10
Within 30 20
Within 60 30
Within 90 40
More than 90 50


Cost of Redelivery and Disposal

Effective 25 February 2009, we will be charging a minimum amount of RM120.00 as ‘Cost of Redelivery and Disposal' for ALL vehicles that have been repossessed. The breakdown of the cost are as follows:-

Cost Item Amount Per Repossessed Unit (RM)
Photocopy Charges RM10.00
Courier, Fax and Telephone Charges RM10.00
Colour Photographs RM30.00
Transport Expenses for inspection of cars RM30.00
Handling fees RM30.00
Valuation fees RM10.00
Total RM120.00

The cost of redelivery and disposal is merely to cover abovementioned administration costs.

Personal Loans
  • No processing Fees or stamping fees
  • Late payment Charges:- 1%p.a on the amount in arrears, calculated from overdue date till date of full monthly payment
  • Early settlement fees:- RM200 or a sum equivalent to 3% of the outstanding balance of the loan whichever is higher, only is settled within first half of the tenure
Business Loans
Item Fees
Processing Fee for loan application, including:
- CGC guaranteed facilities > RM200,000
- Islamic Financing
Minimum of RM200 per application

Note:The above rates are not applicable to programmed loans and special financing packages

Letter of Support
Contractor Class
- Class F
- Class E, D
- Class C & above
Contractor not registered with CIDB with contract value of
- RM200,000 & below
RM200,001 - RM2,000,000
RM2,000,001 & above
- RM50.00
- RM100.00
- RM500.00

- RM50.00
- RM100.00
- RM500.00
Borang CA
- Borang CA
- Borang CA with support clauses
Same charge as Letter of Support per item 2.0 above
Letter of Undertaking RM2,000 per letter
Foreign Telegraphic Transfer

Transaction fee: