The American Express Corporate Card is a powerful, flexible tool that helps you simplify management of your Travel & Entertainment (T&E) expenses.
  • The most widely used corporate payment system in the industry; the American Express Corporate Card can be used for over 98% of all T&E expenses with no pre-set spending limits. **
  • The Corporate Card is also available with a variety of spending limit options. These are designed to help control high-risk spending on the Corporate Card and enforce your T&E policies. Various Card restrictions are available, including:
    • Overall spending limits
    • Industry spending limits

**Charges approved based on ability to pay as demonstrated by past spending, payment patterns and resources.

Billing & Payment
  • With the American Express® Corporate Card you can choose from a full range of billing and payment options.
    These are designed to complement your accounting and reporting procedures.
  • You can select from 10 billing cycles to coordinate statement dates with your company's payroll periods or reimbursement schedules.

Individual Payment

  • With Individual Billing/Individual Payment (IB/IP), each Cardmember receives a monthly billing statement from Maybank. They are responsible for reconciling the account and remitting payment directly to Maybank.
  • Each Cardmember submits an expense report in accordance with your reimbursement policy.
    This option reduces your company's administrative workload and encourages timely expense report submission.

Company Payment

  • This option combines individual billing with centralised payment of all approved business expenses charged to the Corporate Card.
  • Each Cardmember is responsible for monthly statement reconciliation, timely expense report submission and direct payment to Maybank for personal and unapproved business charges.
  • Your company issues a single payment to Maybank for all Cardmembers authorised charges, streamlining the payment process.

Central Billing Option

  • With Central Billing, all Cardmember balances are itemised in a summary statement that is centrally paid by your company.
  • Individual monthly billing statements are printed and included with the summary statement.

Payment Options

Payment can be made in many ways, the most convenient options are:

  • TT payment
  • Cheque
  • Maybank 2U
  • Cash at Maybank branches
More Info

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