We offer reliable programmes for web based merchants to transact securely via a swift online credit card payment gateway.Apply for it
Why should I apply for this?

With the Maybankard.net Merchant Programme, you will enjoy a comprehensive e-commerce payment authentication service that is Visa and MasterCard compliant.

Plus, you get to verify merchant credentials and the integrity of transaction data to ensure a safe checkout. Our system takes care of your entire payment acquisition process.

With the Maybank2u Merchant Programme, you can sell your products and collect payments from customers with ease, via Maybank2u.com and/or the merchant's website.

Anything else I need to know?

We're not finished yet, there's a lot more to this card...

Enjoy these features when you opt for our merchant programmes.

Maybankard.net Merchant Programme
Get certificate-based merchant authentication, authentication of history, search and extract,
process of MYR and USD currency transactions, worldwide credit card (Visa and MasterCard) payment acceptance, auditable system logs and the operational and transactional reports.

You will also enjoy easy integration with existing payment process, minimal impact on shopping experience, real-time cardholder authentication and a web-based merchant administration facility.

Maybank2U Merchant Programme
It offers your customers with additional payment options, generate sales round-the-clock, improve productivity by having a 'cashless' operation as transactions are done online and improve awareness for your business as all merchants will be listed on our website.

Payment Channels are through Maybank2u.com and your website (payment link/debit engine).

So how do I apply?

For Maybankard.net Merchant Programme:
Are you a sole proprietor / partner or a private limited company? Or do you have other business set-ups with a proper business registration / an organisation / a charitable body registered in Malaysia?

For Maybanku Merchant Programmes:

Are you a legitimate business operation registered with the Registrar of Companies with more than 2 years in operations (at least a Sdn. Bhd. Company)? Does your monthly or yearly sales volume meet our requirements?

That's it! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to apply now.

    What about the small print?

    We recommend you go through the small print in detail before you apply for this account.

    Everything you need to know is here, just click to download these PDF documents.

    1. Maybank Merchant Business Partner Application Form
    2. e-Commerce Credit Card Facility
    3. Merchant Card Service Terms & Conditions