Make free transactions and save time with Maybank2u Biz, a 24-hour online banking service tailored for business owners to concentrate on their business and earn more profit with ease. Apply for it

Maybank2u Biz provides the convenience of online banking to business owners from their office or the comfort of their home, allowing them to have better accessibility to their accounts and more efficient financial control.

Below are the services available under Maybank2u Biz:

Account Summary

  • Balance inquiry and view account details for Current Account and Saving Account
  • View Today’s transactions
  • View Transaction History (last 60 days)
  • View Maybank2u History (last 30 days)

Funds Transfer

  • Free transfer to Own account
  •  Free transfer to Favourite 3rd Party with daily limit of RM50k and maximum of 50 favourite accounts
  • Transfer to Favourite Interbank GIRO with daily limit of RM10k and maximum of 20 accounts (Fees : RM0.10 per transaction)
  • Transfer to Favourite Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT) with daily limit of RM10k and maximum of 27 accounts (Fees : RM10 per transaction)
  • Enquire and Cancel Future Transfer (Own Account and 3rd Party only)

Bill Payment

  • Bill payments to over 500 payees and make future payments
  • Free bill payment except payments to PTPTN, Tabung Haji and JPA
  • Favourite Only (Maximum Favourite up to 40 bills)
  • Enquire and Cancel Future Payment

Cheque Services

  • View cheque status
  • Stop cheque
  • Request for cheque book

Bills and Statement

  • Current Account and Saving Account
  • Advices and Notices
  • Bills (TNB, Telekom and DiGi)

View account summary of Foreign Currency Account (FCA) and Master Foreign Currency Account

Services available
  • Account Summary: Account Details, Today's Transaction, Transaction History (last 60 days) and M2U History ( Last 30 days)
  • Cheque Services: Cheque status, stop cheque, request for cheque book
  • Fund transfer: Own Account, Favourite 3rd Party, Favourite Interbank GIRO, Favourite FTT, enquire & cancel future transfer
  • Transaction Limit for IBG is defaulted to RM50K for M2U Biz customer
  • Registered Bill Payment: Pay Over 500 bills and make future payments, enquire & cancel future payment.
  • Bills & Statement: CASA, Advices & Notices, Bills (TNB, Telekom, DiGi)
  • Utilities: Change M2U Biz password
  • Mobile banking (M2U mobile): Account Summary, Registered Bill Payment, Favourite Fund Transfer, View Forex & Deposit rates.
  • Online viewing of Foreign Currency Account (FCA) and Master Foreign Currency Account (MFCA).
  • RSA Enrolment Process
    • These additional features are an on-going programme to ensure we continuously enhance the services we provide in our internet banking as well as protecting your online security. Therefore, the enhanced log in process adds another level of security. Whereby there will be a security image before the username and password
    • Customer is to select the security image and the phrase
    • Customer also required to answer some personalised challenge questions that will serve as further verification during transactions if the situation warrants
  • Checker & Maker
    • Maker function is to create or initiate the transaction
    • Checker function is to approve the transaction
    • You are allowed to register up to maximum of 5 Maker & Checker i.e 2 Maker, 3 Checker or vice versa or any combination a total of 5 users.
    • In addition to that, you also can manage your Favourite Payments and Transfer Online where you are allowed to maintain your Favourite list for payments and transfer
    • These enhancements will provide convenience of business financial online banking towards all our business customers. The service is aimed to provide them peace of mind in managing their business financial needs from the comfort of their home, allowing them to have a better accessibility to their accounts and more efficient financial control.
  • Business owners can now save time on banking and concentrate on their business to enjoy more profit
  • Convenient and efficient business financial online banking for business owners

Maybank2u Biz is open to partnership, professional practices and private limited companies that have business account with Maybank.

Monthly subscription fee

  • Fee RM10 (per user)

How to Apply

  • Visit the home branch of your business account

(All of the company partners / directors must be present during the 1st time of application)

  • Fill-up the Electronic Banking Services Application Form at the counter
  • Customer must fill in 3rd party Funds Transfer/ Interbank GIRO/ Bill Payment Registration Form 

More Info

  • Branch Officer will issue Internet Banking Access Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Visit Maybank2u and perform ‘First Time Login’


For partnership and professional practices customers, your company must appoint only one Maybank2u user to manage the company's Internet Banking account.

For private limited companies, your company can appoint up to 3 Maybank2u users to manage the company's Internet Banking account.

Maybank2u Biz is available 24 hours, 7 days a week including Public Holiday. However for the Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT), it is only available FIVE days a week from 10am to 5pm.